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Car wrecking Oakville


Most of the people think that car wreckers smash and destroy cars but actually car wreckers care of the wrecked cars and handle hazardous material safely related to car disposal such as gas and other fluids in the cars so it will not hurt the environment. We bring wrecked cars to our junkyard locally located in Mississauga, Ontario. When cars are damaged so badly and they cannot be used for parts or repaired then we crush cars and use as scrap metal. We as auto wreckers tow damaged cars in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Caledon and Toronto area and bring to our junkyard to process those cars. We pay cash for damaged cars and free tow.

If you are looking for car wreckers, auto wreckers then you should be happy because you have found us.

Dispose of Car Toronto


End of life vehicles, abandoned vehicles or cars being managed for recycling needs to go to the car disposal yards and those yards must meet the ministry of environment rules and regulations. We have car disposal yard where we bring your scrap car and dispose of car decently. You will get money for your old car and it will be disposed of in our junkyard.

Dispose of your car in Oakville, Milton, Caledon and Toronto area for making only one phone call to us.

Scrap Cars Toronto


We buy scrap cars and provide you free tow. Scrap car removal is one of our expertise. Any unwanted car, damaged car, accidental car and beyond repair cars are considered as scrap cars. Sometimes it seems like hard to get rid of scrap cars because people do not know what to do and what is the procedure to scrap the car. Most of the times scrap cars are not road worthy and cannot be driven on the road and car has to be towed to the scrap yard.

Our Scrap car removal service is available in your area Oakville, Milton, Caledon and Toronto. Please call us for pickup arrangements

Junkyard in Milton


Junkyard is a place where people take unwanted large stuff such as furniture, electronics and home appliances but our junkyard is specifically receive automotive, cars, trucks, and vans. Junkyard also known as wrecking yard, junkyard and salvage yard. We as a junkyard receive drive in cars and also tow scrap cars from Oakville, Milton, Caledon and Toronto.

We are local junkyard and we buy all kinds of severely damaged, dead, old and rusty cars.

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